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Smart Indoor Control Pad
Dinstar DP70 is a Linux platform-based indoor touch pad, it offers multiple functions, including video intercom, door access, emergency call, security alarm, and property management and customizable UI, etc.It also supports communication with IP phone or SIP softphone, etc. via SIP protocol. According to your needs, it can be used with home automation and lift control system.

>HD Voice
>Capacitive touch screen
>Door Access: DTMF tones
>1 RS485 Port to integrate lift control
>8 way IP Camera Support
>8 ports alarm input
>Two‐way audio stream

Product Description:
Elevate your indoor control and security with the Dinstar DP70 Smart Indoor Control Pad. Designed for SIP Intercom applications, this Linux platform-based touch pad offers a versatile range of features, including video intercom, door access, emergency call, security alarm, and property management, all while boasting a customizable user interface.

Key Features:

  • HD Voice: Experience crystal-clear communication with HD voice quality, ensuring that every conversation is sharp and distinct.

  • Capacitive Touch Screen: The intuitive capacitive touch screen provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and control.

  • Door Access with DTMF Tones: Seamlessly grant access using DTMF tones, enhancing your security and convenience.

  • RS485 Port for Lift Control Integration: The DP70 includes a dedicated RS485 port, allowing for seamless integration with lift control systems.

  • 8-way IP Camera Support: Monitor your surroundings with support for up to eight IP cameras, providing comprehensive security coverage.

  • 8 Ports Alarm Input: Stay informed and secure with eight alarm input ports, ensuring you're alerted to any potential issues.

  • Two-way Audio Stream: Engage in clear and effective two-way audio communication, perfect for intercom conversations and security interactions.

The Dinstar DP70 also facilitates communication with IP phones and SIP softphones via the SIP protocol, making it a versatile addition to your smart home or business automation setup. Whether you need enhanced security, efficient property management, or seamless integration with your automation systems, the DP70 is your ideal choice. Elevate your control and security with this feature-rich smart indoor control pad.

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